New Patient Appointments

Our providers strive to give our patients a thorough endocrine evaluation.  So that we have a complete medical history and results of any endocrine testing already performed, we ask that your primary care provider (or other provider) refer you to us to evaluate your endocrine needs.

To assist us in scheduling you efficiently, please follow these easy steps:

  • Ask your provider to fax a completed referral form from our website to include your endocrine diagnosis, office notes, lab results and radiology reports along with a demographic sheet that includes a telephone number for you.
  • Once received, we will contact you directly to schedule.

We understand a referral is not always possible.  Are you new to our area?  Are you transferring your endocrine care to us?  Complete our medical records request form and send to your previous provider(s), authorizing them to send us your records.  Once your records are received we will contact you directly to schedule.

We strongly recommend that your records be received by us prior to scheduling.

Please be sure a good daytime contact number is included with your records so we are able to reach you.

Patient referral form

Medical records request form

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