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Welcome to Carolina Endocrine, this page serves as a resource for physicians and practices.

When referring a new patient to Carolina Endocrine, please print, complete and fax our Patient Referral Form and demographic sheet, along with all pertinent records to 919-571-3290.  We will contact your patient directly to schedule their appointment.  Once complete, you will receive a fax confirmation that the appointment has been scheduled.

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At Carolina Endocrine, we specialize in:

Thyroid:*Thyroid ultrasound and thyroid fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy are routinely performed at the office, in addition Radioiodine Uptake (RAIU) and I-131 therapy for toxic and non-toxic goiter and thyroid cancer.*Hypothyroidism*Hyperthyroidism*Thyroid nodules and goiters*Evaluation and treatment of thyroid cancer

Pituitary:*Pituitary tumors



*Cushing’s Disease


Parathyroid & Calcium:



Adrenal:*Adrenal insufficiency (e.g. Addison’s disease)*Syndromes of adrenal steroid excess (e.g. *Cushing’s Syndrome, hyperaldosteronism)*Evaluation of adrenal tumors

Metabolic Bone Disease:*Osteoporosis and conditions with increased risk for osteoporosis (e.g. osteopenia)*Padget’s disease

*Disorders of vitamin D metabolism

*Lipid Metabolism

*Hyperlipidemia (cholesterol, triglycerides)


*Sex hormone deficiency (e.g. testosterone deficiency, menopause, premature ovarian failure)

*Basic infertility evaluation

*Polycystic ovarian syndrome


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